My Ducati Adventure

New South Wales

Overnight, On and Off Road

This overnight adventure takes you on a loop through the epic countryside and stunning national parks to the west of Sydney, including a night in the Blue Mountains. With some gentle off-road sections included, you’ll also have the opportunity to test out the Ducati Multistrada’s multi-surface prowess.
The route passes through a variety of quintessentially Australian bush landscapes. Stunning scenic lookouts neatly break up the drive and allow time to soak up the diversity and beauty of your surroundings, featuring eucalypt forests, sandstone cliffs and craggy mountain ranges.

A range of well-appointed accommodation options are on offer for your overnight stay in the charming town of Katoomba. From the regal luxury of Lilianfels Resort & Spa, to the iconic Hydro Majestic, and relaxed, boutique options including The Echoes Hotel, Parklands Country Garden & Lodges, and Fairmont Resort & Spa.

Complement your stay by dining in one of the region’s AGFG-hatted restaurants, or enjoy an informal meal at a local gem in town.